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Tamakis Intro Sketches

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21 2016 1:09am
by Produn
Hi there,

while searching for Landstalker artwork I stumbled upon a webpage which seems to belong to Yoshitaka Tamaki, our well beloved SF artist.

In one of this websites sections I found around 35pieces of a doodle/sketch with japanese text for the intro of Shining Force. One of these pics showing the part where Lowe carries the exhausted Max from the shore to the town - the pic which can be found in the JP SF manual and which looks right taken out of the game.

Im really really interested in what the text is about? Mostly because Max seems to have brought the Sword of Light with him (from the past?), which would mean its not Guardianas treasure since hundred of ages?!

Has anyone ever seen these pictures? Im searching the net for Tamaki/SF art for ages, but never discovered this. Also thought Tamakis site (Salamander) was down since some years.
As a huge Tamaki fan I can tell, that these sketches werent made during SF1 development. But they are clearly too young for RODD. I think he made them probably between 1996 and 1998 (Feda2, Climax Landers time) so the story might be orginal and not "updated" :D


Re: Tamakis Intro Sketches

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21 2016 2:46am
by Assassins
Simone pouring tea <3

Re: Tamakis Intro Sketches

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21 2016 3:19am
by Caedmonball19
I saw these just the other day and commented on another thread about them but I love these images. If they are indeed be original artist then there are some great takeaways from the images.
Max is shown being washed ashore and has the sword of light in a bag with him. He and Lowe become good friends after Lowe drags him to shore, Max has a personality as he is shown smiling after Varios knocks him to the ground. Lowe is shown watching the sparring match which possibly shows how close he and Max were. It would be neat for a forum member who is gifted artistically to draw in the final lines and color these images. I think they are a gold mine.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22 2016 1:28am
by Lobo
And of course, translate all the text. :)

They seem really great!
Could it turn into a magazine? :excited:

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04 2016 6:19am
by Flygon
I'd love to see these in colour, myself.

I'd have a shot at it, but I don't quite think I have the skills required for the style used. :)

Re: Tamakis Intro Sketches

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31 2016 2:40am
by Siel
It's a bit late, but here's a rough translation of the comic. I didn't edit it into the images themselves so you'll have to read them side by side or something.