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SHINING FORCE ALTERNATE Released (1.1g) 05/24/19

A “alternate” timeline to Shining Force

Discussion about the original classic Genesis/Mega Drive game. Posts about the GBA remake belong in the forum below.

Re: SHINING FORCE ALTERNATE Released (1.1f) 03/09/19

Postby Runesamurai » Mon May 27 2019 10:47am

Uriel wrote:I cannot figure out ips files for the life of me and the tutorials aren't helping. :/

1. Download Lunar IPS

2. Download the IPS file

3. Doubleclick the IPS file to bring you to the screen where it asks you what file you wanna patch

4. Select the rom and then click open to apply the patch

And you're done. :)

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Re: SHINING FORCE ALTERNATE Released (1.1g) 05/24/19

Postby Tonberry2000 » Thu Aug 01 2019 4:33pm

Not to bump a super old topic, but hey! I'm the guy who ripped all the Shining Force sprites on TSR! Glad they're serving a good purpose!

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Re: SHINING FORCE ALTERNATE Released (1.1g) 05/24/19

Postby robertleo » Thu Aug 08 2019 12:42am

Wow! This is an amazing hack, you've seriously altered several key aspects of the game, it truly feels like a fresh experience. I was loving it, unfortunately I accidently quick saved during the intro (!!!), thus erasing several hours of progress so it'll probably be a while before I feel up to getting back to the laser eye battle where I was at. Anyway, fantastic job, I'm super impressed with this hack.

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