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Sega Genesis Collection (switch version) sound glitch

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08 2019 5:46pm
by ShiningForceKaya
I got the Sega Genesis Collection for nintendo switch and already I am having sound glitches galore. Can't play it more than an half hour before the sound starts peeling apart or doubling and half plays normal and the other half lags, its real weird. It also sounds quite grainy. It started after say 5 hours of level grinding on the first battle, then got pretty bad and regular around chapter 2.

I had similar issues on the sega smash pack 2 edition for Pc after say 3 years of playing it hard core , but then again I did play it so much that there is permanent laser burn where shining force data is on the disc..... so yeah. :(

This version is for switch and is on a card not disc, so whats going on? and is there a fix?

Re: Sega Genesis Collection (switch version) sound glitch

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14 2019 4:58pm
by unclesporky
I own this on Switch and I haven't noticed issues like that. However one thing I do regularly is use the saving and loading savestate options, as well as closing the game entirely from the main Switch menu and opening it again. I'm not sure if I've played this game for 5 hours straight with no interruptions yet. But you could try closing and opening the game.

I will say in general the controls are laggy and the sound does sound slightly off, but nothing like what you describe. My version is digital. You could also try updating it, press + on the game at the main menu and choose software update.