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Shining force 2 the evil dawn

thorough search and game testing

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Shining force 2 the evil dawn

Postby AminKhan » Fri Dec 15 2017 12:33pm

this is the first time i tested my own game and yeah seriously found many bugs

right now i have reached the point where we return to the new granseal and astral joins with hero on lvl 69 and others like wise 30 40 and all are promoted.

the bugs i found was
1)hero's animation while attacking was all wrong at frame 5
2)some items did not equip properly
3)some weapons our rings suits i made did not have the portrait instead they were using the ones made by the original creators
4)the hero and others were promoted when i reached the part where the final battle before the earthquake takes place and they all were still weak because they were getting high damage
5)erics animation was the same as our hero by animation i mean spirit but he actually had the 2 unique weapons that are not acquirable through shops

thats all by now i will edit this post and tell u more about the bugs found and about how many are fixed

thanks for reading and make sure u reply me back if u want anymore change or found anymore bug..

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