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Lets play each other on Retroarch netplay


Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Lets play each other on Retroarch netplay

Postby Niggel My Niggel » Sat Jul 14 2018 6:12pm

I believe it's possible for us to play each other over netplay for retroarch. I know SF2 has a code so you can play 2 player vs mode and I think SF1 has a code as well. Maybe Battle Royale hack too? I think the enemies in the Hard Type Hacks are too overpowered to make a fair game.

Has anyone done this yet? Anyone interested? If people got into it we could make leader boards to keep track of who truly is the most Shining. I myself am more powerful than both the salami and the cheese....combined :shock:
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Re: Lets play each other on Retroarch netplay

Postby Red_Shine » Thu Sep 06 2018 7:11am

I think it'd a pretty neat idea actually. If you combine this with Caravan it would be possible to pick a battle map and make custom parties for the enemy side (2P).
I dunno if the code is compatible with 12 man marathon, but it would be the ideal base for such battles.

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Re: Lets play each other on Retroarch netplay

Postby Antman 537 » Fri Sep 07 2018 5:19pm

I'd be down too, sounds rad.
Antman 537

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