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Steam version different? Can't get mithril mystery staff

Is the steam version of SF2 in the SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics different?

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Steam version different? Can't get mithril mystery staff

Postby awesomeragle » Tue Jul 17 2018 12:22am

Hello everyone, I am currently in the process of trying to get the Mystery Staff from the blacksmith on the SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis in Steam using the process described here: https://sf2.shiningforcecentral.com/wea ... l-weapons/

The only difference is I am using the emulator's load/save function to cut down on the time spent reloading the entire game and walking from the priest to the blacksmith. This hasn't caused an issue thus far as I have been able to get all the other mithril weapons I wanted, and am getting the variety one would expect from reloading the game originally described in the walkthrough.

But now to my issue, the Mystery Staff is being very illusive, so much so that I am starting to question its existence in this version of the game! I have spent slightly over 4 hours now trying to get it using a macro that times my movements and key presses close to perfectly such that each attempt only takes me just shy of 34 seconds. Round that to 35 seconds to give me time to see what staff it is and restart the macro, and I've done over 410 attempts!

For anyone curious, I have gotten a majority holy staff/supply staff with the occasional great rod or goddess staff/freeze staff (obviously depending on if I choose a sorc or vicr for him to craft a weapon for). Also of note, I don't recall ever seeing him craft a mage staff or a wish staff for me either, but since I haven't been looking for those I can't say for certain if I've got them or not.

So, is this normal? Does anyone else have this issue with this version of the game? Is this just a run of bad luck for me? Let me know.

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Re: Steam version different? Can't get mithril mystery staff

Postby Kilieni » Sun Aug 05 2018 4:33pm

AFAIK, the weapon you get is set when you hand over the mithril. Also, if you are using a macro to time all your inputs exactly per attempt, the game's RNG may be the same or similar for every attempt. Also, since the Mystery Staff is the strongest Wizard/Sorcerer weapon, it has the lowest odds. 1 in 16 if I remember correctly.

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