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SFedit 1.04 - Spell questions

Editing character's spells, what happens when they level?

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

SFedit 1.04 - Spell questions

Postby Kazin81 » Fri Aug 24 2018 3:31pm

Hey guys,

I just started learning about editing and hacking SF2 (I think I'm only about 12 years behind the ball here... :snarl: ) but have only used SFedit so far to edit save states. When using SFedit I can change what spells my casters know and alter the levels of each. I had a question about this though... ( I searched around and couldn't find an answer on my own so I thought I'd ask here.)

What happens to the spells I have changed if the character levels up and would normally gain a new spell in the altered slot (or new level of the default spell in the altered slot?)
(ex. If i change Kazin's Blaze to Freeze and he gets his first level on the battlefield, he would normally learn Blaze 2. Will Freeze default back to Blaze 2? Will it become Freeze 2?)

The desired goal would be to change what spells my casters know and will learn. Is that what SF2edit is for?

I have answered my own question after playing around with SF2edit (Awesome!)
I also started playing around with Caravan but the only version I could find is the unstable version.

Did this ever get developed past v0.6? Please tell me it did!

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Re: SFedit 1.04 - Spell questions

Postby RedArcher » Wed Aug 29 2018 4:33pm

Unfortunately not. BNC, the autor of this tool, has not visited the forum for a long time, but there were some teasers about Caravan 0.7 being developed. As you can see, it never got released after all.

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