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Jaro Battle Glitch?

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Jaro Battle Glitch?

Postby Hideaki » Thu Oct 04 2018 10:36pm

Right after the Nasca battle, I made my way down to Creed's. Coming from the top of the screen, I ended up in the Jaro battle, complete with pre-battle dialogue & Jaro himself. Odd, isn't it?

On the way up the valley from Pacalon the first time, I had fought a battle there & thought to myself, "Isn't this the battle with Jaro?" But no Jaro. Plus no pre-battle dialogue.

I'm curious if anyone else has encountered this.

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Re: Jaro Battle Glitch?

Postby Kilieni » Fri Oct 05 2018 6:46am

There's a battle there before the Jaro Battle, when you're going to Tristan. Also since you did the Jaro Battle after Nazca I'm going to assume you Egressed back to Tristan after finishing the battle inside Pacalon. You can completely skip the fight that way if you don't want to go back to Creed's before going to Grans.

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