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Presentation/Project of modding ?

Useless ideas of modding an old game 45 years after all is finished...

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Presentation/Project of modding ?

Postby FfuzzyLogik » Fri Dec 21 2018 4:11pm

First of all hello there.

There is the plan of my "first" post.
1. I'll make a small presentation of how I came here and try to post. Just some story, you can skip this part (and other too :sweatdrop: ).
2. I'd like to discuss about some ideas so I put some here :stare: .
3. As I came a week ago (see 1.), I'm quite beginner with some tools so I have some questions. Don't try to answer to all... It will be probably boring for many persons... But by time maybe some persons will have time/patience to still speak about this old game ?
4. My first tries and objectives...

1. Story of my arrival.

2. And so why I'm here ? To discuss about what may be done if someone is still intrested to make something more with this old game...
So, even if it hurts, I began to think ! :spliff: Yea I did ! First, without many testings for now I try to read "what was done and what can be done" to give a new breath on this old game ? To try something new (but in 10 days its quite hard to read all VERY old but intresting posts are here).
In random order, what are the things I thought about (not all are new for sure) :


3. And some questsions...
Associated to all ideas, I have questions here about what can be done and how... And few more. The letters refers to the attempt in previous section.


4. My first tries and objectivesfor modding
I intend to make a first try of modding to learn how tools work and see what I can do. Its easy to ask for help but harder to do things. Hardest is finishing a mod... So my idea is to put small objective by small objective advance to something that may be quite cool.

=> Step 1 : Use the old but very efficient tool SF2 editor and do what I can with + few hex editing.
I intend to change some equilibration in game, use some stuff differently (for example Taros sword, iron ball... are "not really of use" in game as slots to do something new).
- I'll make some new items and most of heroes WILL need equipments (so gold will be more of use ; I'll also use the patch made by Siel to decrease the solding price)
- I hope to find position (for hex editing) of all items to "hide" some of them and so old players will have to search for hidden things...
- I'd like to change a bit heroes to increase intrest of some of them (and continue this when I'll be on step 2)

=> Step 2 : Use caravan to continue...
- Change items : After changing them, new graphisms are welcome !
Some of them made using other pictures I've seen :
6 healing pot.gif

Here a rework of Evil lance :
84 evil lance.gif

Ah, I can't add more than 3 items per post it looks... So next things in the next post. Up to you to answer.

- Change heroes :
I already worked on faces with some difficulties of palette. These took me some time to make using other SF images and replace the SF2 faces I find quite... Ugly ? I actually re-made Sarah and Luke's face (I can hardly make him close on of his eyes, if someone have tips to change the position of the part on the right, it can be handful).
Here you've Luke with Balbaroy's face as base :

- Change sprites :
I made some changes for heroes who looks quite "poor" on battlefield. I intend to re-use a knight : Earnest frome SF1 and rework him.
No more space to post it...

- I'd like to change "in battle" sprites but I don't know actually how to deal with palette. Tips welcome !

If some persons are intrested, I'll continue to post if not... I'll stop, no use of bothering if none are intrested.

So after all that text, I wish you a good evening and hope it can be of use.
(Yea one more noob coming here and asking for changing the world... :thumbsup: ) :eyebrow:
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