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Presentation/Project of modding ?

Useless ideas of modding an old game 45 years after all is finished...

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Presentation/Project of modding ?

Postby FfuzzyLogik » Fri Dec 21 2018 4:11pm

First of all hello there.

There is the plan of my "first" post.
1. I'll make a small presentation of how I came here and try to post. Just some story, you can skip this part (and other too :sweatdrop: ).
2. I'd like to discuss about some ideas so I put some here :stare: .
3. As I came a week ago (see 1.), I'm quite beginner with some tools so I have some questions. Don't try to answer to all... It will be probably boring for many persons... But by time maybe some persons will have time/patience to still speak about this old game ?

1. Story of my arrival.

2. And so why I'm here ? To discuss about what may be done if someone is still intrested to make something more with this old game...
So, even if it hurts, I began to think ! :spliff: Yea I did ! First, without many testings for now I try to read "what was done and what can be done" to give a new breath on this old game ? To try something new (but in 10 days its quite hard to read all VERY old but intresting posts are here).
In random order, what are the things I thought about (not all are new for sure) :


3. And some questsions...
Associated to all ideas, I have questions here about what can be done and how... And few more. The letters refers to the attempt in previous section.


So after all that text, I wish you a good evening and hope it can be of use.
(Yea one more noob coming here and asking for changing the world... :thumbsup: ) :eyebrow:

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