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Suggestions too current modders

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Suggestions too current modders

Postby Sakurarosa123 » Sat Jan 12 2019 3:05am

I played most of mod hacks towards this game. thankful for hard-work that shining force tactics/ Shining Force II Maeson. i do like what these two mods have done in the game. however feel like something drastically is missing. this isn't me critising anyones work. in fact i love what you've done would like see more modders. take a go at this game. reworking it rebaliencing it having deep discussions on what should or shouldn't be in game.

but thats not what this post is about. this post is about my wish see improvements to archer like classes. and have thought up something you can use. if you wish

I am using maeson's statics. for these characters

May -
20/20 Average Stats
HP MP Att Def Agi
67.19 41.58 74.86 44.46 60.44 ranger May

Heal - Lvl1 20 lvl2 32 lvl3 45
Step - lvl1 15 lvl2 35 lvl3 40 (step gives 1-2-3 + movement speed, + bonus agility for 3-5 rounds)
Detox -lvl1 8 lvl16
Elude - Elude is like a awesome muddle that doesn't miss- each level muddle is different status effect. level4 being the worse. each have very high chance of landing

Lvl1 - Poisons the target 100% chance acc . poison isn;t really most mah status effect
lvl2 - Dispels the target 100% chance acc . up 5 targets
lvl3 - stuns a single target 100% chance acc up single target
lvl4 - confusion a single target 5 targets . very costly on mp

makes may rather unique support unit like narasha without the area.

Elric/Diana -


Elric is an elven archer. Archers in Shining Force are a little tricky to use as they are unable
to attack to surrounding cells, and they rely on the range of their bows to deal with enemies.

Elric has the edge on Agility over Janet, and has pretty good Attack Power, although he is fragile.
But of course, he shouldn't be taking hits...

When he promotes to Sniper, he starts to learn several spells that aid his main form of attack by
limiting foes' movement and spells.
20/20 Average Stats
Move: 6 - Type: Archer - Archer, Sniper
Move: 6 - Tupe: Brass Gunner
HP MP Att Def Agi
62.80 45.31 65.57 47.76 70.44 Agility Sniper Elric
70,36 XX 68,33 70,22 52,47 Agility Brass Gnr Elric

20/20 Average Stats
HP MP Att Def Agi
63.14 23.39 70.48 47.42 65.26 Attack Sniper Janet
70,83 XX 75,89 70,07 45,28 Attack Brass Gunr Janet
Move: 5 Type: Archer - Archer, Sniper
Move: 4 Type: Brass Gunner
Snipe - cost 15-20 MP - this is just like your basic attack. but with 100% chance crit (this only is for sniper)
Trap - (Trap is improved version of slow) - it does not miss. and in addition to reducing targets def/agil. they they get -1 or -2 to there movement speed for 3 rounds

First off archer/sniper/brass gunner get movement base of 6. watch think is fair.[/color]

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Re: Suggestions too current modders

Postby Urgat » Mon Jan 14 2019 8:21am

unreadable in that color, sorry but I won't hurt my eyes...

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