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Shining Force 4 (Suggestions)

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Shining Force 4 (Suggestions)

Postby Sakurarosa123 » Mon Jan 14 2019 12:27am

This is a list of suggestions or thoughts i hope they add or other modders thought about adding at some point.

1:when start the game. instead having name a character that was picked for you. you have a whole new bunch of opinions. a race select - do want your character be human, drawf, elf, beastkin, birdman or center. and is your character male/female you also get customize their hair armor. and appearence. making this shining force story. your story you also get to ability to choice what class your character is instead being just swordsman. want start as a mage play as a mage. same priest each race. has its benefits/weaknesses

New Weapon/Unique Weapon types - each class has a choice two different types of weapons.some classes have a choice of 3. Like Master-Monks. Nunchuku, Bo Staff, Gloves

Each Class has up 3 types. first two are normal promotion or item promotion the final promotion is story driven one. that can only happen if you had first promotion. story driven promotions are very powerful. cause require you do side quests for each member of your force. Like Priest - Vicar/MMNK-BSHP/GMNK. secret promotions you do not return to lvl1 like first 1 you just get major + to stats or unqiue ability

Please keep it old-school as possable. honestly wasn't a fan of shining feather. or action rpgs you released
on ps2. if i was directing it would make sure that game appealed to all fans. while slowly introducing new stuff. keeping it as strategy rpg ppl loved in sega genesis area

Enrich Story. A-lots of Side Quests. Open world to explore. mini games side quests. players can or cannot do its up them.

Online Muitiplayer allowing you have matches vs other players

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Re: Shining Force 4 (Suggestions)

Postby DVthemaster » Tue Feb 05 2019 2:25am

I would hope it still is top down. Personally I wouldn't want a third person overworld Shining Force game. Other than that I pretty much agree with everything you said.

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