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Shining Force 4 (Suggestions)

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Shining Force 4 (Suggestions)

Postby Sakurarosa123 » Mon Jan 14 2019 12:27am

This is a list of suggestions or thoughts i hope they add or other modders thought about adding at some point.

1:when start the game. instead having name a character that was picked for you. you have a whole new bunch of opinions. a race select - do want your character be human, drawf, elf, beastkin, birdman or center. and is your character male/female you also get customize their hair armor. and appearence. making this shining force story. your story you also get to ability to choice what class your character is instead being just swordsman. want start as a mage play as a mage. same priest each race. has its benefits/weaknesses

New Weapon/Unique Weapon types - each class has a choice two different types of weapons.some classes have a choice of 3. Like Master-Monks. Nunchuku, Bo Staff, Gloves

Each Class has up 3 types. first two are normal promotion or item promotion the final promotion is story driven one. that can only happen if you had first promotion. story driven promotions are very powerful. cause require you do side quests for each member of your force. Like Priest - Vicar/MMNK-BSHP/GMNK. secret promotions you do not return to lvl1 like first 1 you just get major + to stats or unqiue ability

Please keep it old-school as possable. honestly wasn't a fan of shining feather. or action rpgs you released
on ps2. if i was directing it would make sure that game appealed to all fans. while slowly introducing new stuff. keeping it as strategy rpg ppl loved in sega genesis area

Enrich Story. A-lots of Side Quests. Open world to explore. mini games side quests. players can or cannot do its up them.

Online Muitiplayer allowing you have matches vs other players

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Re: Shining Force 4 (Suggestions)

Postby DVthemaster » Tue Feb 05 2019 2:25am

I would hope it still is top down. Personally I wouldn't want a third person overworld Shining Force game. Other than that I pretty much agree with everything you said.

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Re: Shining Force 4 (Suggestions)

Postby Cybel » Sun Feb 24 2019 5:24pm

There are quite a few things I’d like to see an in ideal world in Shining Force IV. Most of these are highly fanciful as I imagine if we do get a sequel (which seems almost inconceivable at present), it would be a lower-budget affair and some of these would require a lot of development.

Indeed, while I’d love it if Camelot returned to SF (or did a Golden Sun Tactics game) and I don’t think that’s a complete impossibility, I suspect the best hope for the series now though is a small-scale indie spiritual successor. Looking at the way “Wargroove”, “Undertale” and “Stardew Valley” are spiritual successors to “Advance Wars”, “EarthBound” and “Harvest Moon”, I’m really hopeful there’s an indie developer out there who loves Shining Force and can do something on the same scale. I know there are various fan projects at different stages of evolution which is great.

That said, my ideal SF4 would include:


Largely, I’d want to keep the battle system the same as I think the streamlined system is a huge reason why SF is so much more fun to play than any other tactical game on the market. However, a few innovations I’d love to see brought over:

1. Dynamic Terrain. Previous games have sometimes had the maps changing subtly mid-battle — for example, the moving train in SF3.1 and the Odd-Eye battle in SF2. But I’d like many more battles with moving platforms, vehicles and rising/lowering water levels to keep things fluid. Weather would be fun to include as this could have an impact on the landscape. For example, if it’s raining and you station your troops on grass terrain, it could change to mud after two turns. Rivers could flood, water could freeze etc.

2. Vertical space. Depends on the budget but the games have always had battles with towers and mountains and these are always set out in 2D space. However, by changing from using area squares to cubes, you could potentially have the battle extending vertically. The player would need to be able to adjust the camera in 3D space to see, for example, if a bird warrior was 5 spaces up and to be able to fly upwards by this many spaces. Too much of this would probably get old but it would give much more flexibility to bird warriors, dragons and pegasus knights if they could move vertically and add quite literally another dimension to some battles.

3. Battle conversations. I love the idea from “Undertale” that you can talk to any enemy and find peaceful ways through. It wouldn’t work all the time in a game like SF but I love the concept that the way you conduct your battles could have an effect. For example, if you avoid killing a particular type of creature all the way through, perhaps a character from that species could join you later on. Equally, you could learn things from speaking to enemies mid-battle and possibly even encourage them to stop fighting. And, as with Irene and Jaro, some would switch sides. As with the friendship mechanic in SF3, I’d like fellow units to support each other but it would be nice to see them able to converse as well. I really don’t think this is likely as it would be a huge amount of content to generate for it not to seem repetitious.

4. Critical hit conditions. “Wargroove” has a nice mechanic whereby certain configurations will lead to the units scoring critical hits. I wouldn’t want this to be a 100% certainty as in “Wargroove” but it would be nice if you could increase the likelihood of critical hits in this way.

5. Speed mode. I love the battle animations but sometimes you just want to make progress so I’d like a mode you can turn on that turned off the animations (which should be less important for the atmosphere than in a fully 3D game anyway) and just showed the damage and EXP won with quick icons above the characters’ heads.

6. Caravans in-battle. I like the “Advance Wars” and “Wargroove” feature of having a caravan (or whatever they call it) to transport troops long-distance in a battle. I’d like to see that utilised for larger battles.


1. Promotion trees. One of my favourite mechanics from SF2 was the option for special promotions and I’d like that flexibility to come back for the core classes. I would like at least two opportunities for promotions and for there to be branching paths so that knights, priests, mages, archers and warriors could be promoted variously (e.g. knights into magic knights, paladins or wing knights and then onto elemental knights or healing knights, range paladins or close-quarter specialists, wing magic knights or pegasus knights). I’d also like thieves to become a core class with the potential to develop them down the theft route or to becoming ninjas.

2. Spell purchasing. I didn’t like spells linked to weapons in SF3 and would like four slots for potential spells. However, a few spells — especially summons — should be able to be purchased or found and then taught to particular characters. This means some unwanted spells could be deleted allowing a certain control over spell progression.

3. Flexible force membership. I love the end of the SF3 games where you get to use different or underused members of the force. I also really like the way you have three different forces with their adventures occurring concurrently. I don’t think a return to the synchronicity system would work for the fourth entry (although I do think it has enormous potential) but I’d love it if the membership of the force was a little fluid. I’ve been playing The Forbidden Series IX and there are whole sections which bounce back and forth between separate storylines featuring the cast. This would be great for SF because while the earlier battles can be quite quick due to the smaller force size, the later battles can become cumbersome due to their scale. Instead, it would be great if there were various battles which involved only small groups in the cast - e.g. only those who can fly or a sub-group. Equally, I’d love it if after the first 20 or so battles, the force had to split into four (north, south, east and west perhaps) and you could then follow as these sub-forces developed into their own armies over the next 20-25 battles each before recombining at the end for a final series of battles in which you would be able to choose from 100 characters, sometimes with four different armies at a time. Again, making such a huge game would be prohibitively expensive so I don’t see it happening even in the already-unlikely event that a SF4 is ever greenlit.

4. Removing the 50 EXP cap. I get the use of it but sometimes levelling up characters could be a real… well… grind. There’s a skill in knocking a character down in HP for your weakest member to finish them off and scoop a load of EXP but if that character is seriously behind (like 10+ levels behind the rest) then I think 100 EXP or even more should be possible in a single hit.

5. Branching recruitment paths. I like that in SF3 you effectively had to choose which characters you wanted to recruit through decisions made in the game and I'd like to maintain that (with perhaps some kind of cheat or special mode available at the end where you could recruit with complete freedom).


1. A gated open world. Like SF2 basically: the world is fundamentally open but sometimes the game will prevent you from exploring its extent until you have met certain conditions. I much prefer this to the SF1/SF3 chapter approach and while I understand it would be mad narratively to have the characters backtrack at will, especially in SF3, I just love the scope of that world and it’s a shame you can never really take in the geography like you could in SF2. I think that freedom is a must-have.

2. Quality of life improvements. Equipping weapons automatically when you buy them became a default later on but these kinds of quality of life improvements need to continue. Having a setting to automatically equip new weapons unless you change it, to bulk-buy herbs, etc. would save so much time fiddling with menu screens.

3. Story. The SF games kept a great balance of light, funny interactions (especially in the towns) and some darker moments but I wouldn’t want it to get any darker than SF3 — or indeed any sillier. I want it to maintain the spectrum of having political machinations in one scene and giant penguins fighting in another.

4. Optional puzzles. I do like puzzles but I think they’re often quite a bad match in these sorts of games when they’re essential to progression. When I was little, I was stuck for weeks before I worked out that I needed to use the A button to utilise the wooden panel in Ribble and Mario+Rabbids is a great example of a game where the puzzles feel like a very different mechanic from the main action and it almost feels like a distraction. I love puzzles which result in getting new characters or secrets but I wouldn’t want them to be essential to progression most of the time.

5. Multi-player. The difficulty with this is that the joy of the game is how you enrich and personalise your force but this then automatically makes them unmatched with whoever you go up against. However, with the internet as it is now, I think it’s not such a problem because you can have something like the Global Smash Power rankings to pit people against similar skill sets. I think this could be a pretty cool extra wrinkle to the game.

6. Battle designer. Some kind of level designer would definitely extend the game. “Wargroove” has really led the way on this.

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Re: Shining Force 4 (Suggestions)

Postby Lyanel » Tue Feb 26 2019 5:30pm

It remind me the class system, i had made in case off i make a SF fangame.

For the rest, the main thing that i absolutly want is, has Cybel said, a SF2 "gated open world". I don't really like SF/SF3 chapter system and I really hate in SFCD/Gaiden that you can't even visit the town...

Also, i would like more equipement.... armor, helm, boots... like in the vaste majority of rpg. (equipement that change the caracter appareance would be an hudge +, like SF1GBA hidden cloth )

LMP, not asking too much :shifty:
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