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Suggestions - Modders - Ranged character twinks

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Suggestions - Modders - Ranged character twinks

Postby Sakurarosa123 » Fri Jan 18 2019 7:11pm

Ive done some testing i made really awesome -ranged- build i like share with you. what I did to make ranged characters a great assist to your game. gonna start with may.

Mays statics -
May learns Heal 1 level 8 and heal 2 18 lvl30 heal 3
May Learns Snare1 14 and snare 25 (this is buffed up slow spell. when may casts it it always land. not mental it reduces enemy movement 1-2 making it easier to bike
May Learns Attack 1 lvl20 (Self only)
May Learns Discord (Powerful version) Dispell this one always land has great range

May Autoattacks can poison
May has high double-attack rate
May has very low crit chance

Mays Class is changed too Bard Promoted MINS (Minstal)

Elric and Janet - Classes are Hunt and RNG - spells only are open to ranger clas sif you switch brass gunner. you have no spells

Elric Learns - Blaze 1-2-3
Elric Learns - Heal 1-2
Elric Learns - Snare (same as above)
Elric Learns - Step 1-2-3 ( increases about movement points you have 1-2-3 as well as speed)

Janet Learns - Blast-1-2-3
Janet Learns - Heal 1-2
Janet learns - Snare (same as above)
Janet learns - step 1-2-3

Attacks have small chance of stunning

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