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Suggestion to Modders - Healers

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Suggestion to Modders - Healers

Postby Sakurarosa123 » Mon Jan 21 2019 9:29pm

Knights - Learn Heal 1-2 and boost 1
Paladins - Learn Heal 3-4 and boost 2
Crusader (aka Pegesus Knights) - dont learn heal 3-4 or boost 2. but instead gain flight

Paladins deal more damage with Javalins
Crusaders deal more damage with lances.

Priest Base class now a Cleric - uses new set weapons frails. very simily to narsha from res
Bishops (aka Vics) - All Priest Learn
Aura 1-4
Detox 1-4
Burst 1-4 (Shining in the darkness) burst has same range/radius as bolt deal little less damage
Slow 1-2 (slow is enchanced so it as 100% accu this does not miss)

Master Monks - Different set of spells
Heal 1-3
Detox 1-3
Boost 1-2
Slow 1

Janet/Eldric/May - also gain healing like spells. even thou no wear near as strong as cleric

Heal 1-2-3
Renew - 1-2-3-4 (heals small amount each turn)
Detox 1-2
Muddle 1-2

Birdman -
Blast 1-2-3-4
Heal 1

Sniper (class name changed too rngr) have more forester and druid like feel to it

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