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Mithirl Manipulation

Mithirl Manipulation

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Mithirl Manipulation

Postby CirrusAF » Sun Feb 10 2019 3:29am

over a year ago I started to look into forcing any Mithril item
on August 2018 BOWIEtheHERO did some testing on console for me and from that we where able to roll any item after 10min of explaining we found this works on both emulation and a Mega drive model 2 NTSC cartridge :shock:

Start by saving in the dwarf village then copy your save to slot 1 delete any saves on slot 2
hit the reset button then HOLD START and A once you see the S in the SEGA logo let go just before you have control of Bowie

Follow the path (time is a issue here so reset if you mess up)
you can hold the next way you need to go while the screen is black
When you exit the village HOLD LEFT to head back into the village

the key to this is the Dwarf here if done correctly he will move like this
(if he moves to the bed and goes Down,Right,Right you hit the SEGA logo to soon)
if your trying to get other items this Dwarf is kinda like viewing the RNG what part of his step he is in can change the RNG there is a window for each RNG but you may need a few tries to get this working 100% of the time

DO NOT Bump into him stand still for a second if he is in the way (he will be if you where quick getting here)
Stand on the square just before the stairs and watch him move off the bed to the right
Just as he stops moving press right to go up the stairs

when speaking with the blacksmith you need to HOLD C while he is speaking or asking you things
(if you press C your going to get different items)
once your on the pick what item menu you got a bit of time so don't feel rushed here just don't forget to HOLD C after you pick what unit

this will get you a Gisarme if you picked Slade
Mystery Staff if you pick a Sorc
Levanter if you picked Bowie
(if you use 2 mithil you will get 2 of the items listed here)

you can also get other items with different timings you just need to find out what item is where
the stream version can do this but the there are issues you will run into this setup will not work all the time but if your lucky you will get the same path and still get 2 Gisarme's
(I think for steam the 1st step of S in the SEGA logo is not needed you will get this path just by holding A and Start from reset but this still needs more testing )

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