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[SF2DISASM] Map Setups Documentation and Formatting

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

[SF2DISASM] Map Setups Documentation and Formatting

Postby Wiz » Tue Feb 26 2019 1:45pm

Quickly initializing this thread to share latest discoveries on map setups.

Map Setups are now mostly documented and properly formatted to be used effortlessly from SF2DISASM.
The formatting was done with many macros for basic operations like text display, flag set/check/clear, sound commands and cutscene script calls, and also for declarations inside the main sections.
Thanks to these macros, the game's map setups can now be read quite easily, and you can recognize any moment of the game's exploration-driven part really quickly.

Here is the documentation you can find here :


    • Path : disasm\data\maps\mapsetups.asm
    • For each map with at least one map setup entry :
      • First entry = default entry
      • Following entries are conditioned by a flag
      • Entries end with key word $FFFD
    • Dedicated macros for easier edits :
      • msMap : map index, map setup pointer
      • msFlag : flag index, map setup pointer
      • msMapEnd
    • Path : disasm\data\maps\entries\mapXX\mapsetups\
    • Each map setup is a 6-pointer table : one pointer for each main section.
    • Summary :
      • 1 - Entity declarations :
        List of entities to initialize when loading the map (villagers or other more special cases).
      • 2 - Entity Events :
        Functions triggered when approaching entity with action button
      • 3 - Zone Events :
        Functions triggered when moving into specific map locations.
        BEWARE : zone events have to be used in conjunction with corresponding trigger flag on map layout data, in order to trigger the search for corresponding zone event.
      • 4 - Area Descriptions :
        Text or functions triggered when investigating specific map locations
      • 5 - Item Events :
        Functions triggered when using specific item on specific map location
      • 6 - Init Function :
        Function triggered after map is loaded
    • Each section is split into a specific ASM file.
      No matter the section, a lot of those triggered functions rely on triggering underlying cutscene scripts.
      Some of those cutscenes are stored right after the related section, in the same ASM file.
      In other cases, scripts can be stored only after all sections of related map setup. In such case, these scripts are split into a dedicated "scripts.asm" file.

      List of all entities to initialize when the map is loaded.
      Mostly used for NPCs naturally, but it can also be used for anything else which is represented by a map sprite which should move and/or be interactive. Hence the abstract name of "entity".
      Entity indexes are implicitely assigned in order or declaration :
      • If mapsprite index is outside of Force Member index range (0-$1D), then apply auto-incremented entity index starting from value $80.
      • If mapsprite index inside Force Member index range, then entity index = Force Member index, and apply actual mapsprite of Force Member.
      There are 3 types of entity declarations :
      • Fixed entity : no specific movement declared at this point, but a specific actscript is assigned to entity
      • Walking Entity : entity walks randomly inside of a zone of specified size
      • Sequenced entity : entity applies a specified move sequenced
      Dedicated macros :
      • msFixedEntity : X, Y, Facing, Mapsprite, Actscript pointer
      • msWalkingEntity : X, Y, Facing, Mapsprite, Zone X, Zone Y, Zone size
      • msSequencedEntity : X, Y, Facing, Mapsprite, Move sequence pointer
        Move sequence is a series of direction byte values (use constants UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT) ended with macro "msEnd"
        Example : data\maps\entries\map03\mapsetups\s1_entities_261.asm (Inventor NPC looking for sulfur)

      Triggered when interacting with given entity by pressing the action button in front of it.
      Dedicated macros :
      • msEntityEvent : Entity index, Facing, Function relative pointer
        TODO : Figure out Facing value's actual impact here.
      • msDefaultEntityEvent : Default function relative pointer (typically an empty function)

      Triggered when stepping on a map block with trigger flag, and location matches event coordinates.
      Don't forget to activate trigger flag on corresponding map blocks in the map's layout data.
      Dedicated macros :
      • msZoneEvent : X, Y, Function relative pointer
      • msDefaultEntityEvent : Default function relative pointer (typically an empty function)
        If X or Y value = 255 (or -1, or $FF), then ignore this criteria (used to trigger event from a whole map row or column)

      Text descriptions for area which can be investigated, or functions to trigger instead.
      This section starts with a code template for base description line index initialization.
      Base investigation line index : $1A7.
      Base description line index is applied in the section's code on register D3.
      Dedicated macros :
      • msDesc : X, Y, Investigation line relative index, Description line relative index
      • msDescFunction : X, Y, Function relative pointer
      • msDescEnd

      Triggered when using specified item on specified location.
      Dedicated macros :
      • msItemEvent : X, Y, Facing, Item index, Function relative pointer
        TODO : Figure out Facing value's actual impact here.
      • msDefaultItemEvent : Default function relative pointer (typically an empty function)

      This function is called once the map is loaded.
I'll try to add illustrative examples and demos of small Proof-of-Concept modifications in a near future.
For a start, the map of Granseal Town is a good example to explore :

Meanwhile, please feel free to comment and ask any questions ! :)

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