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SF2 Counteraction v1.2.1

Full release! (latest update Jul 14)

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

Re: SF2 Counteraction v1.1.0

Postby Aynek » Fri Jul 12 2019 6:03am

Giving this a play through over the next few days. Initial thoughts from first 3 battles found below.


Will post my post-game thoughts as well in a few days when i finish the rest of the game.

Edit: Dunno if anyone else has mentioned this, but there is a bug in the battle leading to Volcanon with the death archer that normally ends the battle when you kill him. If you kill him before everyone else his text line triggers but doesn't end the battle, resulting in his text line being voiced by random force members every single turn until you finish the battle.

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Re: SF2 Counteraction v1.1.0

Postby Siel » Sun Jul 14 2019 7:49am

Oh... I guess that even in my playtests I must've always killed the archer last out of habit and therefore never realized there was such a bug. (Or maybe I hadn't made it a non-boss battle until later?) I uploaded a new version that's just a fix for that and nothing else.

As for the game balance, I've come to realize it's pretty flawed, with the main culprit probably being that I left in the damage-halving during counterattacks that the original has, which cripples melee units. My original reasoning behind keeping the halving of enemy counterdamage was to enable and encourage the player to proactively attack, but leaving in the halving for the player as well just renders player counterattacks nearly worthless, which could've been a utility of melee units. Then again, there are weapons that negate the damage halving effect during counterattacks and even characters that have this trait passively.

Essentially, melee units' downfalls are as follows:
1. player counterattacks are very weak
2a. despite also being halved, enemy counterattacks are still somewhat painful
2b. the high enemy durability makes avoiding counterattacks by killing the target a relatively uncommon opportunity
2c. these end up somewhat canceling out the extra durability melee units have due to eating damage every time they try to attack
3. a lot of enemy gimmicks are disproportionately detrimental to melee units

Well, melee units aren't completely useless (they can take care of archers and casters!), and nevertheless, I still ended up finding the overall game fun enough while playtesting, which is why I dared releasing it (before realizing all the above and some more thanks to outside feedback).


Edit: OK, I went ahead with making a major change in accordance with the above: player counterattack damage is no longer halved! In exchange, weapons and class traits that doubled counterattack damage for the player were lowered to a +25% bonus instead. Enemy counterattacks remain halved and enemies that dealt unhalved counterattack damage still do.

As a result, this should hopefully open up more tactics involving melee characters. As a side effect, 1v1 fights involving Bowie probably got much easier.

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