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help me decide - wall of text ahead

force building

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

help me decide - wall of text ahead

Postby Cush831 » Mon Aug 26 2019 5:25pm

Hello there all,

Although I've never posted on a board for the shining series, I am a veteran of the games. I recently decided to play through SF2 again, every couple years I play those I have access to. Have used multiple different force make-ups this time however I'm having difficulty deciding on ONE member.

Things to note!!

Force members were leveled to 28 before promotion, playing on Super. I have no love for the following - Jaro, Taya, Gyan, Higins, Chaz, Frayja, Peter, skreech, Janet. I have read some posts here from the past so let me just say this before I am flammed for those listed above: My dislike of these characters is not a declaration of their ability or lack thereof. I just personally dislike them. If you like these characters that is fine I will not argue opinion, it is a waste of time.

With all that out of the way, I'm trying to decide on my last force member. My current is as follows

Bowie -
Sarah - mmnk
Eric - pldn
Jaha - brn
Kazin - sorc
Tyrin - wiz
Rick - pgnt
Randolf - gldt
Karma - vice

Here is my hang up, not using peter, luke, kiwi, skreech I lose the ability to intercept and tie up outliers. I kind of like the force I have but I feel if I could drop anyone and not lose a given role/attack/weapon type it would be - kazin, tyrin, Randolf, jaha, or may. All could be replaced by someone that would fit their role or close enough that it is negligible. Let the discussion commence

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Re: help me decide - wall of text ahead

Postby DVthemaster » Mon Sep 09 2019 2:47am

Well there's 3 major ones that I see you don't have Sheela, Zynk, and Lemon. Personally they're all some of my favorite characters in Shining Force 2.

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Re: help me decide - wall of text ahead

Postby CirrusAF » Mon Sep 09 2019 3:13am

if your playing on super Jaha has value as GLDT or BRN the extra DEF he gets for GLDT makes him one of the best DEF units in the game

i also think Rick is better as a PLDN the land effect plays a massive amount in how tank he is even with the extra DEF they both get as PGNT but i guess it comes down to if you need a flying tank or a replacement for peter

Randolf is kinda bad he is my pick to replace. Jaha may have lower stats when he joins but gets better levels
and you also have Gerhalt/Bowie/Rick that can all do his job

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Re: help me decide - wall of text ahead

Postby MXC » Tue Sep 24 2019 2:47pm

Sarah - MMNK
Kazin - SORC
May Elric/Rohde
Rick - PGNT
Eric - PLDN
Tyrin - WIZ
Randolf - GLDT Lemon
Karna - VICR

My changes are reflected after the strikeouts. Slap the Running Ring on Gerhalt and he can more or less keep pace with Rick. I personally don't use 2 healers but if you need them, Karna gets a great MP boost as a Vicar, so that's a good call.

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